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Ice lock

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Ice locks are based on a simple but very brilliant principle: Both ends are frozen together and are only able to be pulled apart once the ice has melted. Since the ice will automatically melt above the freezing temperature (in for example room temperature), the ice lock has a inbuilt, non-circumventable security feature in its design, which is very important for self-bondage related activities, making it the perfect self-bondage time lock. The lock works without any electricity or other complicated powered components, which makes it cheap and simple to use. With that, you can tie yourself up without having to think too much about the releasing processes and their reliability.
All ice lock possess an outer part and an inner component. Fill the outer part with water and press the inner part into the outer shell. Excess water will automatically be pressed out here. Then you place the lock for a few hours into the freezer, which freezes the water in the lock and makes it ready for use.
You can attach different kinds of (leather) Cuffs, ropes and appropriate bondage materials to and through the metal eyelets so that you can tie your hands or legs together or to tie yourself against the wall, objects and different furniture! Only your imagination limits you here!
The locks which we offer are all designed inhouse by our team! We were unsatisfied with the big, unpractical, and heavy ice locks which were available on the market and decided to produce a better product by ourselves. The most important goal in the development was the compactness of the lock in combination with the low water volume. Our ice lock can be used to tie your hands nice and tightly together while the melting water is kept to a minimum. The locks are of course also viable to be taken into nature.
Thanks to an elaborate hollow-chamber system in the lock, even the smallest versions of our ice lock can isolate the temperature of the ice efficiently, offering a long locking time. The ice locks are the perfect self-bondage time lock in terms of price and practicality.
If you split up handcuffs and connect each eyelet of the ice lock with one half, you will have the perfect self-bondage handcuff setup. You can easily close these handcuffs behind your back or in various positions and don’t have to worry about using something as clumsy as a key. In time, the ice lock will melt and the cuffs will be released from each other automatically.
Our ice locks are produced in Berlin and are made out of a robust plastic. Even water, which expands when frozen, cannot affect the lock stability. A wide variety of locking times is available in our ice locks. Even if you wanted to be locked up for 4 hours, we have just the right lock for you. Of course, we can develop more special locking times on request.
If you want to be tied up without any chance of escape, then our ice locks are the first and best choice. The locking strength is stronger than that of our magnetic locks. Only the destruction through blunt and extreme force would allow the premature release from our ice locks.