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Basic Time Lock

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Ice Lock

Ultra compact and light

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MagBound® Chairholder

Ultra compact and light

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Selfbondage Ice Lock XL

Ultra compact and light

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Time lock, magnet lock and ice lock, handmade in Berlin

You love self-bondage, and we love to build self-bondage time locks! How can a lock be extremely simple to use and still open 100% of the time? How can it be so compact, light and well designed and still be so affordable? We have been asking ourselves these question over the last years and brooding, since there were no such products and locks on the BDSM market. We are now finally proud to be able to present you the best ice locks which are available on the market. We can also offer the only, worldwide, commercially sold magnetic lock for self-bondage adventures!

We have put a lot of personal passion, development cycles and practical tests into our products and all the customer feedback has and will shape the products into what they are today: The best equipment you can have for your sessions. You can fulfill every scenario you can think about, with or without being tied up, inside or outside, heavily restricted or being “freer”. You can explore your fantasy without any restriction.

If you do need some tips to feed your imagination, our YouTube channel is filled with interesting ideas and scenes.

We also asked ourselves, what else would a customer want other then the perfect product? Could It be the most personal customer service there is in the world? We are available everyday through email or phone, to advise you on your purchases or help you out with any questions or issues you might have. You will never have to wait when calling us, there will be no waiting line! You can also write us and receive an answer in 24 hours! You receive replacement parts and revisions for all products which we have ever sold.

And how do we manage to do all that? It is a sort of calling that we have found. After several jobs as an engineer which consisted of boring office work, I have trusted in my leap of faith and now am fully dedicated to work and develop in my self-bondage shop fulltime! In a small and efficient team, we process order daily from all around the world! We ship from the heart of Berlin, where every single product is assembled and tested per hand. It doesn’t matter how exotic or wild your request is, we will try our best to satisfy it!

Almost 6 years of experience and thousands of satisfy customers later should bring you to just choose the products which you want without any worries and doubts. We will help you with any concerns about the product and shipment before and after your purchase.

Look forward to new and innovative products in the upcoming future, as well as upgrades to our preexisting magnetic locks, and all other attachments and items.

To comply with sustainability, you will not have to exchange your existing lock for a new one. All the attachments we offer in our shop are designed to be compatible with our existing variety of products, so that you can enjoy your product your whole life!

Let’s embark into a new era, in which everything you think of can be accomplished! You will be able to tie yourself up in ways that you never have thought to be possible. Use your favorite handcuffs, toys and anything else, since everything can be combined so that you will never have to compromise in solo-Play and session anymore.

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